Labyrinths are carefully designed so that as you wander their path, you may experience a sense of “finding your way”. Labyrinths can often confused with Mazes, which are intended to make you 'loose your way" - the opposite intention!

The opportunity to clearly and slowly spiral inwards, then outwards can be a tool for personal transformation; a sacred space to find peace, find courage, hope and access the Devine within.  Intentionally walking a Labyrinth path can be a meditative practice akin to mini pilgrimage to your self. 

Labyrinths can be found in many ancient and modern cultures the world over.

There is no incorrect way to walk a labyrinth, no rules to follow: simply surrender to walking the path, placing one foot in front of the other.  Simply experience and honour what comes into your mind and body when you are walking the spiral, one person at a time, in a meditative and quiet way…

AuthorMartina Stobart